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Balloon Flights Perth (Avon Valley)

2024 season dates open now,
Beginning April 15th, 2024,
End 31st October 2024
Transport from Perth Available!

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The Peaceful Adventure of Floating in the Wind

Sunrise Balloon Flights

with Breakfast

Experience the magic of the Avon Valley
with a 1 hour* Hot Air balloon Flight
departing from the town of Northam.
Flights start from $345 per Adult includes breakfast.

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Sunrise Balloon Flight

with Return Transfer from Perth.

Enjoy the convenience of traveling in style
both on the ground and in the air! Book a
balloon flight with return transfer for a
seamless experience. Starting from just
$390 per Adult including breakfast.

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    Sunrise Flights

    We fly at dawn, so we meet an hour before first light to have us all in the air and ready to greet those first morning rays, which is also the safest moment of the day to go ballooning.

    Flying season

    We fly from April till the end of October, when the weather is most suitable for flights in this area. It is not only cool weather and we like that in ballooning, but also it is the time of the year when the winds are best for this activity.

Where We Fly and What Happens in The Morning

Your adventure begins early from our meeting point at the Farmers Home Hotel in Northam, from there you will jump into our vehicles and we will drive you to our launch site. This can vary depending on the wind direction on the day of your flight. We cover the whole valley but on different flights; what we assure you is that your pilot will seek to give you the best experience the morning can offer.
Once on the field it will take about half an hour to set the balloon up and everyone is welcome to participate in simple tasks to help get the balloon ready. When the balloon is inflated and with everyone onboard, there will be a short safety briefing and up we go, to float in the morning breeze for about one hour. The views are spectacular and the experience itself is unique. An activity to remember forever and a way to understand nature from a new perspective…for the time you are up in a balloon you truly become part of the wind. After approximately 1 hour’s flight the pilot will choose an appropriate landing field to set down.

    We Care

    Your happiness is our business, and we make sure you have fun while enjoying the spectacular aerial views. We take your well-being during your time with us and in our balloon seriously. Our team reviews key details with you before your flight in our safety briefing to ensure that you understand what will take place during the ride. While you are in the air, one of our vehicles follows us on the ground through visual and radio contact to meet us at our landing site, help us pack the balloon away and then drive us back to our original meeting point for a well-deserved breakfast. If you have any hesitations, please let us know so we can help alleviate your doubts.

    To Gift vouchers

    Are you trying to find a unique gift for a special person in your life? Let us help. We offer vouchers for children and adults for any of our locations.

Perth (Avon Valley)

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