How Can the Weather Affect the Hot Air Balloon Ride?

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Hot air balloon rides are usually carried out during the sunrise when the entire landscape is in its best form. You will see this during the balloon festival in Northam. The reason for carrying out the hot air balloon ride at sunrise is because the weather is most stable when the sun is low over the horizon and the air is cool. Pilots must consider one important factor when opting for a hot air balloon ride – the weather. Now, you might wonder how the weather affects the hot air balloon ride. If so, continue reading because this guide will answer all your questions.

Hot air balloon ride during the cold weather.

Hot air balloon rides can be considered during warmer and cold weather. However, you should know that the hot air balloon is more stable in the cooler season. Thus, the balloonist must be extremely careful of the thermal activity if they are flying the balloon in warm temperatures. The ride should take place during the early morning or late evening. This is because the sun is low over the horizon and its rays are less powerful, which in turn allows the surface temperature to stabilize…thermal activity ceases and this creates the conditions for a safe flight. When it comes to dressing, always wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes. In addition to this, don’t forget to bring your cameras and binoculars!

Hot air balloons ride during the rains

You might wonder if hot air balloon rides in Melbourne are possible during rain, and the answer is – yes, sometimes, especially if the rain comes as isolated showers which can be avoided with the use of weather radars. Basically, the pilot will choose to fly when he sees a good gap in the wet conditions. A pilot takes many things into consideration when deciding whether to fly or not. For this, they should check the weather forecast first. If the weather forecast shows severe weather conditions, flights will be cancelled and rescheduled to another day. Even if the rain is not heavy, the wet conditions can weigh down the balloon, making it challenging to control the balloon. Thus, it is highly recommended to avoid a hot air balloon ride during rainy or cloudy weather.

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Can a hot air balloon fly along the clouds?

Yes, depending on the types of cloud. Balloon pilots and small aircraft in general will always avoid high convective clouds. Starting with cumulus clouds and progressing to altocumulus, towering cumulus and the most aggressive of all clouds, the cumulus-nimbus clouds; all these named clouds are created by turbulent rising air called thermals. On reaching the condensing temperature of the air above that thermal the cloud is formed. Especially the larger clouds can have very strong convective currents inside them that can be seriously dangerous to aircraft

Hot air balloons in hot weather 

Hot air balloons can fly in hot weather. However, you need to consider a few things before opting for it. One of the most important things is that you should keep the temperature inside the hot air balloon hotter than outside, to create the difference in density (weight) to allow a balloon to lift. As the balloon itself has a maximum temperature the fabric is allowed to reach, hot weather is not ideal for balloon flights which have much more lift when the air is cool. Why? Because lift is generated by the difference in temperature between the air inside the envelope compared to the temperature of the air outside (the atmospheric temperature). The cooler the outside air temperature is, the easier it is for the air inside a balloon to reach a temperature that creates enough lift for the balloon to float.

Before confirming a hot air balloon ride, pilots will always check the weather forecast to know that the passengers will have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable ride. Opting for a reliable hot air balloon company is, therefore, a must. Get in touch with Liberty Balloon Flights today to make the most out of the hot air balloon ride. We will help you know everything about Avon Valley and Geelong Ballooning and ensure you get the best hot air balloon experience.


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