Flight Updates

Please check back here periodically before your scheduled flight.


Balloon flights in Tasmania commenced in the middle of January and  continue until the middle or end of April, 2019, depending on the weather conditions. They are scheduled to run every year from October till May after that

Please see available dates in the ballooning calendar when you book tickets to secure your flight. If you are interested in a date and it is not on calendar, please contact us regarding availability as we can open up new dates when needed

Flights will happen normally in the North of the island, close to Launceston and the Northern Midlands. With certain wind directions, take offs could happen close to Deloraine, Bracknell, Liffey, the Meander Valley, Launceston or the northern coast as well


Balloon flights over Melbourne happen every day, weather permitting. If you are booked on a flight  and are unsure of anything, please call us on 1800 BALLOON (225566) or email us on info@libertyballoonflights.com.au


We are now open for business conducting hot air balloon flights in Gippsland.

Depending on the wind direction on the day, we will fly areas like Traralgon, Sale and even Bairnsdale. Flights in the area will normally happen on a Tuesday.

Contact us on 1800 BALLOON for different dates or check availability using our booking calendar


We are open for business, ballooning in the Geelong area. Flights will normally happen on a Wednesday but call us on 1800 BALLOON (225566) for other availability