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Balloon Flights in Tasmania

Adventure Balloon Flights in Northern Tasmania

Why choose us?

We fly higher and we fly for longer than any other operator in Australia, hands down. Many of our flights in Tasmania are absolute adventures, climbing to 6, 7, 8 and sometimes to 10,000 feet on many flights. The views? Breathtaking

Sunrise Flights:

Starting early might not come naturally to you, but the views are worth it. In Summer, flight meeting times begin as early as 4:00 a.m. and in Winter as late as 07:30 a.m. to guarantee a gorgeous sunrise view over the North of Tasmania. Trust us when we tell you nothing compares to beginning your day on top of the world.

Where We Fly:

We fly in the North of the island, close to Launceston and the Northern Midlands. Depending on different wind directions, balloon launches happen close to Deloraine, Bracknell, Liffey, the Meander Valley, the Tamar Valley, Launceston, Poatina, Cressy or the northern coast as well. On days with light Northerly winds, we might even take off close to the coast, who knows but the wind itself? We try to give you the best views on the day whilst normally targeting the Northern Midlands to land. We have a lot of freedom with respect to air traffic in Tasmania, so we endeavour to give you the best possible ballooning experience the weather conditions of the day allows us. We fly high, in fact higher than any other operator in Australia to give you the best possible views.

We Care:

Your happiness is our business, and we make sure you have fun while enjoying the spectacular aerial views. We take your well-being during your time with us and in our balloon seriously. Our team reviews key details with you before your flight in our safety briefing to ensure that you understand what will take place during the ride. While you are in the air, one of our vehicles follows us on the ground through visual and radio contact to meet us at our landing site, help us pack the balloon away and then drive us back to our original meeting point. If you have any hesitations, please let us know so we can help alleviate your doubts.

Our Experience:

Our Chief Pilot has flown over 100 cities across the world and now uses his decades of experience to cultivate the most beautiful hot ballooning experience in Australia. All our pilots are trained to direct their balloons to give you the best views imaginable.

Gift vouchers:

Are you trying to find a unique gift for a special person in your life? Let us help. We offer vouchers for children and adults for any of our locations.

When and where we meet:

Meeting time is normally one and a half hours before Sunrise and you must expect to be with us for between 3 to 4 hours. Hotel pickups in Launceston can be arranged and have no cost. Depending on the forecasted wind direction, we decide the day prior to your flight if we will meet passengers at:

The Village Green, Longford

Oopposite JJ’s Bakery, on Wellington Street.

The Sebel Hotel, Launceston

12-14 St John Street, Launceston

Some of our passengers stay here the night for the early morning start.

From $320

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