Balloon Advertising

Balloon Advertisment

Why continue to drag your feet along the ground when you can take your brand to new heights?

No other form of advertising can compete with the burst of colour or the sheer size of a Corporate Hot Air Balloon against a perfect blue sky. In advertising, size IS important and these things are huge. Most people love balloons and will photograph them regardless of the brand they show. The visual impact of a balloon and the retention factor surpasses any other form of advertising and the impression stays forever in the minds of an audience.

Money spent on public relations can be much more effective than money spent on advertising. With a hot air balloon, you can do both at the same time. Invite your clients, attract media and use the passenger side of the flights to take your stakeholders on an unforgettable adventure.
Balloons are perfect for corporate branding in a longer-term strategy as they are weather dependent and cannot necessarily perform at a specific time and location. If you do the necessary research you will see that many, many companies have used or continue to use hot air balloons as a form of advertising.

We at Liberty Balloon Flights can help put your brand in the sky and will make you proud of the decision you made of choosing this form of advertisement as part of your marketing strategy.

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