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Welcome to the official website of Liberty Balloon Flights Pty Ltd. Our pilots have been flying balloons since 1993 and we have been operating balloon flights over Melbourne and the Yarra Valley since 2002.

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The whole experience is a gift… A gift for a loved one, a gift for that special person… a gift to yourself.

See the sunrise over the horizon and breathe in the new day from the unique vantage point of a sport that has defied time and technology.

Hot air ballooning with Liberty Balloon Flights means flying with a company who wants you to enjoy, in absolute safety, the dawn of a new day.

We will look after you.


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Our website hopefully helps you to find the information you are after with regards to ballooning and it is also where you can easily make a booking, but please contact us for anything else you might need to know...we’d love to hear from you!

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About the Experience

Yes, we start early! As early as 04:30 a.m. in the Summer and as late as 06:30 a.m. in Winter. We follow the Sun and tend to meet approximately 1½ hours before Sunrise at a convenient location which will be confirmed to you prior to the balloon flight. From here we will drive you, in our vehicles, to the launch site.

Hot air balloons float in the wind, so we have many different take-off locations, depending on the wind direction on the day. We like to call the experience “audience participation” which means, if you are game and able to, there are tasks for all who want to take part in this most ancient way to fly. Half an hour is what it takes to prepare these gentle giants. Once onboard we lift gently–so gently it constantly amazes passengers how PEACEFUL ballooning is– NO, you do not feel height-sick.

Ballooning is not an adrenaline sport, it is a sport where we contemplate, we admire, we see the sunrise cast shadows in the landscape, we hear the waking countryside, the city at dawn…. Ballooning is special. As an old English lady once said to us once, “balloons are one of the few things built by humankind that truly enhance nature.” We enjoy what we do, and we aim to hear that you loved the morning you spent with us.

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It’s an amazing experience
Hands down must do!
Hot Air Balloon flights in Northern Tasmania
Most Amazing Experience
Balloon Flight over Melbourne
Truly Amazing Experience
Love Was In The Air
Got married in the sky and loved it!
Hot Air Balloon- Launceston

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The Gift of Floating in the Wind!

Our gift vouchers are the ideal gifts for any special occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, engagements, weddings, or just for fun. Gift vouchers are available for all our flight options, including with our famous champagne breakfast. Vouchers are valid for 12 months and are emailed to you immediately.

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